Exclusive: Interview with filmmaker Jason Croot

The world of movies is so full of passionate people. Be it the ones making the movies or the ones watching them. They stimulate our senses, they take us to newer places, newer worlds, a different time, they make us more aware of our society. The world of movies is magical after all! And so it is always special if you meet someone who is involved with this behemoth industry.

Jason Croot, the UK based actor-director, has been in the movie industry for more than a decade now. He has given stage performances, acted in feature films as well as many short films, and gone on to even write and direct his own movies. It has been a long and eventful journey for Croot so far, one which continues with his upcoming movie Le Fear II: Le Sequel, which is a sequel to his directorial debut, Le Fear. So when we got an opportunity to have a brief conversation with Jason Croot, we were more than glad to take it!

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Bucksandcorn: Could you tell our readers what brought you to this industry in the first place as an actor, and what then eventually prompted you to take on the director’s role? 

Jason Croot: I stumbled into acting after being on a dating game show, and I knew then that I had found my making. I proceeded to college university and drama school to follow my dream. And finally, I moved into directing to find a new challenge.

Bucksandcorn: Tell us more about your upcoming sequel Le Fear II: Le Sequel, what drove you to making it, and what the audience can expect?

Jason Croot_Le Fear II PosterJason Croot: Le Fear II: Le Sequel came about after the very good feedback of Le Fear. We made the sequel and decided to make it very different to the first movie. It is still a film about making a film, but we added more wacky characters and a very strong cast of actors. What the audience can expect? That’s a difficult one — the majority of reviewers really like it but some recently got angry. We found these reviews to be very amusing but everyone is entitled to their opinion, so if the audience are similar to the reviewers the majority should expect many laughs. It was designed to be a fun film on the surface although the main character Carlos gets a raw deal.

Bucksandcorn: Adequate financing has always been a big problem for directors across the globe. Your movie Le Fear is known for its ultra-low budget. Have you followed a similar approach for Le Fear II: Le Sequel

Jason Croot: I prefer to have restrictions on the budget. It may sound mad but I believe you can really get creative with a low budget film. For example, Clerks directed by Kevin Smith — they struggled and nearly quit but they created a movie people really liked and credit for the production team for sticking in there.

Bucksandcorn: Do you plan on continuing this franchise forward?

Jason Croot: Yes we have a few movies lined up and 3 more in the Le Fear series.

Bucksandcorn: Could you throw some light on the other projects you are currently working on?

Jason Croot: Most are under wraps and we tend not to talk too much about future movies until they are made. If you check out my IMDB page, all is there that we are giving away ;]

Jason Croot_2Bucksandcorn: Having been in the industry for so long, any advice you’d like to give to budding directors?

Jason Croot: The whole industry is a roller-coaster and anyone who wants to follow their dreams should be determined, passionate and not in the industry to find fame and wealth because in my opinion those two reasons are not the right reasons.

Bucksandcorn: Great chatting with you, Jason. Thanks a lot for your time!

Jason Croot: Many thanks for the interview!

You can follow Jason Croot @actorjaycroot @lefear2lesequel @foreshore_films


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