‘Elvis & Nixon’ meet in the debut trailer

Elvis Presley. Richard Nixon. These are two names that will be difficult to wipe out from pop culture for decades to come. More so because now and then a new movie pops up on either one of them. The latest movie is even more interesting because it features both! The casting of the lead characters had been announced way back in November 2014, which had gotten me thrilled, as I have said so in my previous post. We have the movie’s first trailer now and it looks sleek and funny, revolving around the true events of December 1970 when Elvis Presley arrived at the White House for a meeting with the then President of the USA, Richard Nixon, wanting a federal agent badge. Enjoy the trailer here!

The story seems bizarre but that is how it was, though I imagine the writers have taken the liberty to notch up the comedy. Liza Johnson is directing the movie, and Elvis & Nixon is clearly a bit more high profile than her previous films. Michael Shannon is looking a dishevelled oldish version  of Elvis, though he carries the charm and the swag of the King. It is however Kevin Spacey whose performance I am eager to watch. In the trailer, he comes across as a terrific Nixon, which would be more fun to watch considering the humourous touch that has been applied to the movie. With Anthony Hopkins & Frank Langella having delivered mind-blowing portrayals of Nixon in the past, we needed someone of the talent of Kevin Spacey to match them. The return of Spacey to the big screen is also exciting as he has been absent from cinema halls for a few years now barring a brief role in Horrible Bosses 2, as he has been hugely focused on the successful TV series House of Cards. With Elvis & Nixon we should be seeing more of Kevin Spacey in movies again, as he is currently filming three more.

Elvis & Nixon_Trailer

Elvis & Nixon looks to have a light-hearted touch to it, a relaxing atmosphere, far away from the snarling dinosaurs and galactic battles that occupy so much of our minds. Movies like these, especially when you have a great cast working on it, provide a soothing respite from the louder, shriller, darker side of Hollywood that has been growing strong. The movie interestingly will also be the first feature film that Amazon Studios will release on its platform after the theatrical release. The charm of Shannon as Elvis and the comic timing of Spacey as Nixon might just do the trick!

Elvis & Nixon is scheduled to release in the USA on April 15, 2016.


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