Disney has a lot more to offer in 2016

Walt Disney Pictures is having one of the best periods of its illustrious movie-making history. With the resounding success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it showed once again how savvy, creative and tuned-in it is to the current times. But it ain’t just the acquisitions of the Marvel universe and the Star Wars saga that is contributing to all the success of Disney. Its own feature films are turning out to be blockbusters, be it animated movies or live-action ones. In 2016, Disney has already won people over again with Zootopia which has been a sensational hit and has earned universal acclaim. Quite recently, it released its live-action adaptation of The Jungle Book which is earning fantastic reviews, and should be another box-office success. Disney is just getting warmed up. There is a huge line-up of movies for the rest of 2016, ones you need to keep an eye out for, because Disney ain’t gonna disappoint!

Captain America: Civil War (May 2016)

Disney's 2016 movies_Captain America - Civil War

There is no need to talk much about this one. It’s already being termed as a mini-Avengers film considering the huge number of superheroes in it. The movie will feature Captain America duel with Iron Man which comes just a couple of months after rival DC had a similar face-off between Superman and Batman that did not go too well with most of the audience, though the movie did manage a massive opening at the box-office. I expect Marvel’s battle to be superior in every possible way, and maybe teach DC a thing or two on how to go about building a more cohesive and exciting superhero universe.

Alice Through the Looking Glass (May 2016)

Disney's 2016 movies_Alice through the Looking Glass

Here’s another potential billion dollar grossing film; the first one had after all achieved that milestone! While Johnny Depp playing Mad Hatter again is a selling point for this sequel, the film is likely to be so much bigger than one character. Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland was a spectacle, a bright and delightful journey filled with strange characters played by some amazing artists. The sequel is being directed by James Bobin and I hope that he keeps the magic of the Tim Burton film alive.

Finding Dory (June 2016)

Disney's 2016 movies_Finding Dory

A Pixar movie sells by its own brand, and even though last year’s The Good Dinosaur was a disaster at the box-office, it will take more than one film to ruin Pixar’s reputation developed over more than two decades of amazing work. There is all the more buzz about the upcoming Pixar movie since it is a sequel to the much beloved Finding Nemo of 2003. Ellen DeGeneres is once again voicing the forgetful fish Dory as Pixar is ready to take us into the depths of the oceans once more for an amazing adventure!

The BFG (July 2016)

Disney's 2016 movies_The BFG

Disney, Steven Spielberg, Roald Dahl. The studio is producing the esteemed director’s movie adaptation of the renowned author’s book called The BFG. Add the name of Oscar-winner Mark Rylance now, who will play the Big Friendly Giant, and the reasons to expect great things from this movie only grow further.

Pete’s Dragon (August 2016)

Disney's 2016 movies_Pete's Dragon

Disney has been successfully remaking its old titles and that trend will continue later in the year too with Pete’s Dragon. This was a 1977 film, a mix of live-action and animation along with musical elements, which is now being made in a live-action format. Pete’s Dragon is not as famous a title as say The Jungle Book or Cinderella and so the remake’s fate will depend a lot on Disney’s marketing and of course, the quality of the end-product. But hey, it won’t be tough to catch the attention of the audience with a huge flying dragon, will it?

Queen of Katwe (September 2016) 

Disney's 2016 movies_Queen of Katwe

This movie is completely different from the line-up we have seen so far. A more serious-themed drama, Queen of Katwe is a biopic of Phiona Mutesi, a young Ugandan chess prodigy. The movie is being directed by Mira Nair and stars Lupita Nyong’o and David Oyelowo. It’s an interesting diversification for Disney, even though the costs involved in this movie would be a small fraction of that involved in other Disney flicks. Nonetheless, these are the kind of projects which Disney should keep on taking up, stories that are worthy of being told across the globe.

Doctor Strange (November 2016)

Disney's 2016 movies_Doctor Strange

We are back into the Marvel universe, this time visiting a new superhero – Doctor Strange. It is an origins story, the second one in Phase-III after Ant-Man, which will no doubt link up with the Avengers saga soon. Benedict Cumberbatch is going to play the famous Marvel sorcerer and he will be joined by Tilda Swinton, Rachel McAdams, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Mads Mikkelsen. The first trailer has just hit the internet and things are looking as strange and exciting as they should.

Moana (November 2016)

Disney's 2016 movies_Moana

This one looks to be absolute fun. Disney’s next non-Pixar animated film of the year, after Zootopia, is the story of Moana, a teen from the Pacific Islands, who is going to set out on a voyage with the once-mighty demi-god Maui to accomplish a mission her ancestors left uncompleted. Dwayne Johnson is going to voice the character of Maui, and will also be singing a song in it. The Rock can make anything work!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (December 2016)

Disney's 2016 movies_Rogue One

The year is bound to end on a high for there is a Star Wars film awaiting us. Rogue One is a prequel to the even the original trilogy, revolving around the rebels who were entrusted with the mission to steal the secret plans of the Death Star. We do know that the rebels acquired the plans, but the courage and sacrifice that went into that mission will be seen on-screen in December. Gareth Edwards, who made the successful Godzilla in 2014, is directing this spin-off. A lovely way to end the year, ain’t it?


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