‘Deepwater Horizon’ debuts a riveting trailer

The ‘Deepwater Horizon’ explosion occurred back in 2010 but it seems like yesterday when one of the biggest environmental disasters in US history was making front page headlines. This tragic incident becomes the backdrop for the upcoming movie Deepwater Horizon. But along with showing what went wrong, Peter Berg’s movie hopes to bring out the real-life inspiring people who showed great courage to do what was right in the face of such a big disaster. Actor Mark Wahlberg is to play one of those heroes, and this teaser trailer that has been released, gives us a slight glimpse on how difficult it is to ‘tame the dinosaur’.

I love the way the girl’s experiment with a Coke bottle is played out in sync with the actual mechanism for oil drilling, gradually building towards the expected but shocking explosion. The trailer has a spooky touch to it, as we wait for the explosion in a way we wait for monsters to appear in a horror movie. Such disaster movies do need elements of surprise, even when they are recreating actual events, and have to create the right amount of tension to hold the attention of the audience. This teaser trailer, which is perfect in so many ways, may not alone define how the final movie will turn out to be, but it has certainly raised my expectations.

Deepwater Horizon_Trailer

Director Peter Berg and actor Mark Wahlberg are teaming up again after their success with 2013’s Lone Survivor, which too was based on true events that occurred in the war in Afghanistan. It is good to see that Peter Berg has reinvented himself after the disastrous Battleship, and seems to be enjoying making movies on real stories with his next one focusing on the Boston Marathon bombing (which also has Mark Wahlberg in it). Wahlberg on his part is always good in intense roles, especially those which are high on action and drama. Experienced actors like Kurt Russell, John Malkovich and Kate Hudson are also part of the cast, and we expect nothing short of their best from them. Young Dylan O’Brien, still making his mark in Hollywood, has a good group around him to learn from. It looks to be a good team that has been brought together, and with a smartly created teaser trailer, I am now definitely looking forward to the movie.

Deepwater Horizon is scheduled to release in the USA on September 30, 2016.


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