Debut Trailer of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

When the Spider-Man series was rebooted with The Amazing Spider-Man in 2012, many felt that it was too early to restart a series that had only begun a decade back. It was a valid point for the fans, but not for the studios who wanted to keep the interest in the web-slinger alive in cinemas and build another franchise out of it. Even though The Amazing Spider-Man earned the lowest figures when compared with the Sam Raimi trilogy, its worldwide gross revenues of $758 million still made it a big hit of the year. The seeds of a new franchise were sown. And they are about to grow in 2014 when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits the big screens as Andrew Garfield reprises his role in the red and blue suit.

Trailer_The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Who are the bad guys in this film: There seem to be quite a few in this sequel. And that is worrying a few of us, for it reminds us of the rather weak Spider-Man 3 which had a villain too many. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 brings with it Electro as the main villain, a scary blue coloured being who can generate electrostatic energy and shoot lightning arcs from his fingertips. The movie’s promos is putting him as the biggest threat Spider-Man has faced yet. Joining him is Rhino, who possesses extreme superhuman strength and speed. And then the trailer is also showcasing someone resembling Green Goblin, or it may be a version of him. Phew, there are quite a few, and hopefully, this time the movie makers will not botch it up.

Which new actors are joining the original cast: The movie cast has really expanded this time. Andrew Garfield is of course playing Spider-Man again, and Emma Stone and Sally Field are returning too. Notching up the acting skills are the likes of Jamie Foxx who will play Electro and Paul Giamatti who will be seen as Rhino. That is indeed quite a talented group of villains right there! Harry Osborn is set to make an appearance in this film, being played by the young Dane DeHaan. Hardly anything like the stylish James Franco, DeHaan’s Osborn gives the impression of someone with secrets to hide and should make for an interesting addition to the storyline. The character of Mary Jane was also set to be a part of this film, but it seems they finally found so many characters too hot to handle, and so Mary Jane has been left out from the sequel at least.

So what’s the story about: Eh, save the city from the bad guy!? The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will see Spider-Man take on bigger and tougher villains this time, but there seems to a lot to do with Oscorp as well. Also, the previous film had been said to be a reboot which would explain the disappearance of Peter Parker’s parents, which it never entirely did. But the sequel looks all set to spill the beans, with a little bit of it shown in the trailer as well.

Where can we watch the trailer: Right here! It’s a pretty cool trailer, with almost all the main characters getting enough “trailer time”. The tone seems a bit darker than the first film, but that is the way to go in the “superhero genre” nowadays. The trailer does offer plenty of reasons to visit the theatres in the summer of 2014, to watch Spidey swinging away once again!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 releases in the USA on May 2, 2014.


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