‘Civil War’ is a true superhero at the box-office

Back in 2011 when the character of Captain America was first launched as part of the Marvel cinematic universe, the studio was still trying to understand the potential its Avengers based superhero movies would hold. The movie Captain America: The First Avenger had a skinny-looking Chris Evans turn into a bulging icon of righteousness as the movie opened with $65 million in North America; not a bad start for a new hero, but nothing fabulous too. In 2014, the group called Avengers was much better established and Captain America: The Winter Soldier received rave reviews, opening with a splendid $95 million in North America. Move to the present year of 2016, and the performance of Captain America: Civil War gives an idea as to how far Marvel /Disney have come in their journey to create a humongous cinematic universe. The movie has opened with a smashing figure of $181.8 million, almost double of its predecessor’s opening! To make it look all the more impressive, Captain America: Civil War has earned over three days what Captain America: The First Avenger had earned in its entire theatrical run in North America. This is now the third best opening for a Marvel film, behind the two Avengers flicks, and the fifth best domestic opening ever.

Earnings_Captain America - Civil War

The success story of Captain America: Civil War can be seen across the globe. The movie has had a tremendous opening in whichever territory it has opened in, and has amassed $494 million over ten days in foreign collections (the movie opened early in some countries). The global box-office earnings for the movie right now stands at $676 million, which means it is barely $40 million away from surpassing the overall collections of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. That will happen in just one more day! Marvel had set aside an Avengers-like budget for this film – $250 million on production alone – but the Russo brothers did create the look and feel of an Avengers movie which has played a part in attracting the audience. The reviews have been fantastic which means the collections in the upcoming weeks should remain strong and the movie will be comfortably crossing a billion dollars soon. It’s yet another win for Marvel / Disney, yet another decision that has been more than adequately rewarded!

Earnings_Captain America - Civil War pic2

There was no other new release on the first weekend of the summer season, which meant Disney got to keep the first and second spots at the box-office. The Jungle Book took in another $22 million from North America to take its domestic tally to $285 million, while its worldwide figures have now reached $777 million. Mother’s Day, which had opened last week, surprisingly did better in its second weekend than the first one, benefiting from the celebration of Mother’s Day itself. The movie’s $20.7 million overall box-office earnings though is still a disappointment considering its $25 million production budget. The other releases of last week had quite a bad second weekend, as Keanu dropped by more than 67% and Ratchet & Klank fell by 70%. Oh well, it is going to be all about Captain America: Civil War for a couple more weeks before X-Men: Apocalypse tries to break into the Disney party.

Here are the top 5 weekend earners at the US box-office (estimates):

1. Captain America: Civil War ($181.8 million)

2. The Jungle Book ($21.9 million; fourth weekend)

3. Mother’s Day ($9.0 million; second weekend)

4. The Huntsman: Winter’s War ($3.6 million; third weekend)

5. Keanu ($3.1 million; second weekend)


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