Channing Tatum tries to ape Van Damme

Jean-Claude Van Damme at the age of 53 can do a full split. Eh, well, that is Van Damme for you! If you needed confirmation, then the latest advertisement by Volvo shows the action star perform this incredible feat atop two Volvo trucks moving in reverse. The video has already gone viral; at the time of writing, it had crossed 40 million views on Youtube. It has also raked up quite a debate on how authentic the stunt is, but given that this is Volvo we are talking of, we are ready to believe what they show. Not that we ever doubted Van Damme, of course. Have a look at the video yourself, if you haven’t yet.

Channing Tatum is only 33 years old. He too is working on building his repute as an action hero. So he can attempt a full split as well, right? He did try to ape Van Damme. Swapping the Volvos for a pair of food trolleys. The result is out. Watch the video.

Ehh, poor Tatum. He forgot that there is only one Jean-Claude Van Damme. But for those who have still not understood why Tatum had this video made, then you clearly did not see 2012’s action-comedy hit film 21 Jump Street. This Tatum video is a spoof made on the sets of the sequel to the film, 22 Jump Street which is releasing next year. The first film was about two undercover cops who go back to high school, and for the sequel, the duo of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum have to go undercover at a local college. The modestly budgeted 21 Jump Street did quite well on the box-office, earning almost five times the production budget. The sequel had been announced quite early on, and now it seems the publicity attempts for the film are also starting in the most innovative of fashions.

The present filmmakers and actors are not shying away from using the “new age” methods to spread the word about their movies and get more eyeballs staring and tongues talking. Each movie has a facebook page and a twitter account nowadays, directors like Bryan Singer or actors like Dwayne Johnson are always quite eager to post one or the other picture from the sets on these social networking sites, and the buzz about a movie is created well before the release date. The spoofed video with Channing Tatum does check the right boxes as far as creating publicity for the movie is concerned – it is hilarious keeping in line with the style of the film, it introduces its own dialogues that are apt for the character that Tatum plays, and it would have hardly cost anything extra to shoot. As of writing, the video has garnered more than 4 million views on Youtube. Behind this goofy fun-filled video, is a clever marketing strategy to get more people to know about the film, and it is quite likely that the trick will work. Of course there is a lot more to be done between now and the release date to get the audience ready to step into the theatre, but this is a nice “new” way to begin with. And thanks for the laughs!


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