‘Cap’ tops again; ‘Money Monster’ has average opening

It continues to be a Disney dominated box-office. Captain America: Civil War fell by close to 60% in its second weekend, which is pretty much how these superhero flicks fare, but was still comfortably placed at the top spot in North America. The movie is now just a few million away from $300 million box-office earnings in the domestic market. The Captain continues to be a big draw in the international markets where the cumulative earnings stand at $645 million, which brings the worldwide total to $940 million. By the time we are talking of this movie again next Monday, it would have very well scaled the $1 billion wall, becoming the fourth Marvel movie to do so. The Jungle Book remained in the second spot in North America, and this Disney movie has not done too badly either with earnings of $828 million worldwide till now. Disney already has three movies with more than $800 million worldwide box-office earnings, the third being Zootopia ($970 million), which is an astonishing feat to achieve as more than half of the year is yet to unravel.

Captain America - Civil War_Captain America and gang

Jodie Foster’s Money Monster was the new release, carrying with it the star-power of George Clooney and Julia Roberts. The movie though could only manage an average outing with $15 million earned in North America, and a total of $19.7 million worldwide. The movie’s budget is $27 million, which would mean box-office collections of somewhere in the region of $75 million (worldwide) should help it achieve break-even. Domestically the movie should be earning about $40-$50 million which puts some emphasis on a decent performance overseas so that the studio can get back its investment, at the very least. The movie has a 55% score on Rottentomatoes, which is as mixed a result as you can get, and so it is really tough to take a call on the box-office future of this film. We’ll have to watch out for this one in the coming weeks.

Earnings_Money Monster

The Darkness was the other wide release of the weekend, a horror movie starring Kevin Bacon. The movie was made on a production budget of only $4 million but still its opening of $5.2 million is quite disappointing. More astonishing is the terrible reviews it has received from critics, with a 0% score on Rottentomatoes at the time of writing this article (15 reviews). It definitely shouldn’t be considered a given fact that a low-budget horror movie can earn a splendid return comfortably, the way it was a few years back. The market has now been flooded with such spooky films, some of them high on quality, which gives the horror fans far more options. Mother’s Day collapsed badly on its third weekend, after surprising analysts last weekend with a strong holdover, and can now be easily called a flop. And that same term should be used with The Huntsman: Winter’s War as well. Some had assumed that the movie will manage to do enough in the overseas markets to become profitable, but with only $154 million earned so far worldwide (which includes a sub-$50 million performance in North America), I cannot see this movie doubling its tally so as to break-even. And so a flop it is!

Here are the top 5 weekend earners at the US box-office (estimates):

1. Captain America: Civil War ($72.6 million; second weekend)

2. The Jungle Book ($17.8 million; fifth weekend)

3. Money Monster ($15.0 million)

4. The Darkness ($5.2 million)

5. Mother’s Day ($3.3 million; third weekend)



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