Bond 24 details revealed…

Ever since Daniel Craig took up the role of the iconic James Bond with 2006’s Casino Royale, the franchise has received a massive face-lift. Casino Royale earned $599 million worldwide, Quantum of Solace earned $586 million, and then 2012’s Skyfall earned a whooping $1,109 million to change the way the studios looked at the box-office potential of a James Bond flick. So the buzz is now bigger than ever for the next Bond movie, “Bond 24”, to be directed by Sam Mendes. Today the studios – EON Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment – had a live-streamed event to reveal some big details on the upcoming movie. Time to get updated…

The Name: Bond 24 is now officially called Spectre. A spectre may refer to a ghost or “something widely feared as a possible unpleasant or dangerous occurrence”. In the world of bond, SPECTRE stands for SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion, which is a global terrorist organization that featured in Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels, as well as the first Bond film, Dr. No. It is led by an evil genius and one of Bond’s greatest nemesis, Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

The Poster: The first official poster has been released. A hole from a gunshot to get the atmosphere chilly!


The Recurring Cast: We have most of the actors we loved in Skyfall. Daniel Craig leads as agent 007 again. Yipee, to that, even if we knew it all along! Ralph Fiennes will play M, and even though the absence of Judi Dench leaves a hole in the film, more of Fiennes is not a bad thing at all. Naomie Harris was feisty and yet charming in Skyfall and she returns in Spectre to play Miss Moneypenny. Oh, how we loved Ben Whishaw as the young Q, and it would be fun to see him again. Rory Kinnear will reprise his role of the Chief of Staff, Bill Tanner, for the third straight film.

The New Additions: Stop drooling over the old cast, for there is a lot happening in terms of the new ones. Just have a look at what Spectre has to offer!

Christoph Waltz

Spectre_Christoph Waltz

For a while now he was rumored to be the next enemy of agent 007. Today’s announcement has confirmed Christoph Waltz’s presence in the film (giddy with excitement!) but we are yet unsure about his role. His character’s name will be Oberhauser, but could that be just another version of Ernst Stavro Blofeld? This mystery is not going to be solved anytime soon. But for now, just jump up in the air for Waltz is surely going to set the screen on fire!

Andrew Scott

Spectre_Andrew Scott

If you have seen the BBC series Sherlock (and who hasn’t?), then you need no introduction to Andrew Scott. The arch nemesis of Sherlock Holmes now steps into the world of James Bond. Will he then be the one whom Bond battles next? Some reports claim that Andrew Scott may very well be the new rival, but nothing is confirmed, so let’s take a pause on that one, and welcome Scott into the fold.

Monica Belluci

Spectre_Monica Belluci

Another lady who needs no introduction. You have to admit though, that she had disappeared from the limelight for long. But she’s back! At age 50, one would think she’s too old to play the typical Bond girl. But then, Sam Mendes ain’t one to remain stuck with stereotypes, right? Belluci’s role remains unconfirmed and little is known about her character “Lucia Sciarra”; this casting has however just come out of the blue, that it has got a lot of people talking. It’s an interesting choice and adds to the growing reasons to remain tuned to further news on the movie.

Léa Seydoux 

Spectre_Léa Seydoux

The French actress, Léa Seydoux, is playing a character called Madeleine Swann, who’s gotta be the new Bond girl. She rose to prominence with a strong portrayal in the critically acclaimed French film Blue is the Warmest Color though she has had brief roles in Hollywood movies too like Inglourious Basterds and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Expect her fan following to increase though after Spectre.

David Bautista 

Spectre_David Bautista

Whether you watched his wrestling matches or not, were a fan or not, you still would have loved his innocence and fierceness in Guardians of the Galaxy. In Spectre, David Bautista will play the role of Mr. Hinx, and you get the feeling, that he maybe a henchman who James Bond has to outwit with his brains rather than brawn. Could Bautista be heading on the path set by the Rock in Hollywood?

The Release Date: November 6, 2015 in the USA. Mark it on your calendars!

And finally…

The Car: For the die-hard Bond fans, the car matters. It is an Aston Martin DB10 for the new movie, and it does have a sparkle about it!

Spectre_Aston Martin DB10


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