‘Batman v Superman’ falls big on second weekend

A weekend back, the box-office story was about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, on how the movie had a smashing opening despite the rather disparaging reviews. With no really big release this weekend, Batman v Superman continues to dominate the box-office news though this time with a not so impressive set of numbers. The movie fell by a heavy 68.4% on its second weekend in North America, which is a really bad tumble even for a superhero movie that are typically very front-loaded. The poor word-of-mouth seems to have finally caught with the movie, though it still tops the domestic box-office charts. But if you are wondering whether the poor second weekend display would actually halt the DC line-up of movies, then the answer is a ‘No’. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is still a big hit for Warner Bros. The movie has earned $262 million in North America and $421 million overseas which makes for a worldwide tally of $683 million. By the time its theatrical run ends, its theatrical collections should be close to a billion dollars, that is what I am estimating. The only argument could be that in a time when Star Wars: The Force Awakens earned more than $2 billion globally and Jurassic World took in a bit less than $1.7 billion, the collections of Batman v Superman would not have lived upto their potential if the decline in coming weeks remains this steep. In a few weeks’ time, we will have a better idea of where this movie will finish on the leader-board.

Earnings_Batman v Superman v2

The wide releases weren’t too impressive either on the weekend. God’s Not Dead 2 was the sequel to the faith-based hit movie of 2014, and it opened with $8.1 million in North America in 2,419 theatres as compared to the $9.2 million of its predecessor in only 780 theatres. The production budget of the sequel is higher at $5 million as compared to the $2 million budget of the 2014 film. Moreover, I do not expect the sequel to have the kind of impressive run which the previous movie had managed that took it to more than $60 million domestic earnings. God’s Not Dead 2 might just about provide some returns to the investment but a third part in this series looks unlikely now. The other release was the comedy Meet the Blacks which earned $4.1 million from just about more than 1,000 theatres. The reviews aren’t any good, and you would be seeing this one on the DVD shelf pretty soon.

Earnings_God's Not Dead 2

Disney’s Zootopia continues its super-impressive form as it fell by only 17% on its fifth weekend, crossing $275 million in North America and $787 million worldwide. A real winner! In its second weekend, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 didn’t do too badly. The movie has earned $55 million worldwide so far, and I do expect it to cross $100 million+ which will make it a solid hit for Universal Pictures. The British film Eye in the Sky added a lot more theatres to take its count to more than 1,000, earning $4.1 million over the weekend. And Deadpool ($754 million) crossed the global earnings of X-Men: Days of Future Past to become the biggest X-Men movie ever; deserved it, didn’t he?

Here are the top 5 weekend earners at the US box-office (estimates):

1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($52.4 million; second weekend)

2. Zootopia ($20.0 million; fifth weekend)

3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 ($11.1 million; second weekend)

4. God’s Not Dead 2 ($8.1 million)

5. Miracles From Heaven ($7.6 million; third weekend)


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