April all set to entertain

April is the month when the whiskers of the Hollywood addict twirl and his ears shoot up, ready to zone in on each movement. While the “summer period” begins not until May, April usually brings in its own charm and sets the right mood for the summer blockbusters to enter the party. For many, like me, the blockbusters are already on their way. This April is ready to bring in a bit of horror, comedy, animation, action and a Marvel superhero. Take your pick from the month’s menu, or else opt for these five movies which we have chosen for you.

5) The Quiet Ones: This is one of two horror movies that gets a wide release in April, the other being Oculus. We picked this one as it got Jared Harris in the starring role, playing a University physics professor who assembles a team to help create a poltergeist. Now ain’t that what a real physics professor should be doing, eh!? We are counting on a lot of chills and spooks in this one.

4) Draft Day: Kevin Costner is going to be there all year long. And with already two movies down, the third one gets him in the shoes of the General Manager of the Cleveland Browns, a football team, who is struggling to acquire the number one draft pick for his team. The movie has been directed by the creator of the Ghostbusters movies, Ivan Reitman. Now let’s hope Costner and Reitman score a touchdown with Draft Day.

3) Rio 2: Blue Sky Studios brought in a whole gang of loveable birds back in 2011 and created the hit film Rio. And now the studio is banking on the cuteness and popularity of Blu, Jewel and others, as they set out to the wilds of Amazon and come face-to-face with many more adventures. Jesse Eisenberg had so terrifically voiced Blu, that just to hear him chitter-chatter seems like a good enough reason to be a part of this adventure. The trailers have looked promising and as long as the studio hasn’t done a half-hearted job just to milk the success of the first, then Rio 2 should be worth the flight!

2) Transcendence: While The Lone Ranger wasn’t what we thought it would be, nor was Dark Shadows what we wanted it to be, we still love Johnny Depp! So we can safely ignore a few bad movies, and look forward to another film that stars Depp in the lead role. This time it is a sci-fi film where a terminally ill scientist’s conscious is downloaded on a computer, which makes him extremely powerful and unstoppable. Compared to Depp’s past roles, this one is likely to see him in a less-eccentric role, and may well touch again on the topic of the growing powers of the machines. Time to get this one right, Johhny!

1) Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Alright, it is here. Just a few days away. The month of April is set to begin with the release of the second solo movie on Captain America, as he takes on his latest adversary, the mysterious Winter Soldier. Apart from the return of Chris Evans in the famous suit, the movie reportedly has a lot of Black Widow in it too. The movie will also introduce Anthony Mackie as Falcon and raises the bar a notch or two by bringing in veteran actor Robert Redford. This is Marvel’s chance to build on the potential of Captain America alone, the way they did it tremendously well with Thor, and with a third Captain America movie already said to be on the cards, the second movie has to, has to do well. Not that I have any doubts on it, for the initial promos already gave me the goosebumps. Now in a few days, we can have the superhero lifting that famous red and white shield again, and take the Marvel journey forward…

Click here to watch the trailer of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. 

April_Captain America The Winter Soldier Artwork


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