April 2015: Movies to look out for

Oh so close we are to the summer! But we aren’t there yet. So breathe, relax, and enjoy the month at hand right now. April usually carries a bit of magic of its own too, a precursor to the summer period that plays its part in building up the excitement for the next four months of movie marathon. This year though, April is looking to be a bit dull, lacking in diversity and credibility of movies. Apart from one massive movie lined up in early April, there is little to choose from the remaining lot. Only eight wide releases scheduled for the North America market in the month (which includes four on one weekend itself), of which I have tried to pick out five that could still be worth the ticket’s price. Though don’t bet on them all.

5) Paul Blart – Mall Cop 2: Such is the scarcity of movies in April, that I had little option than to choose the sequel to 2009’s Paul Blart: Mall Cop. This one has Kevin James as well in the lead role, and that is not a good way to sell your movie nowadays. Keep your expectations low, and maybe the movie might still deliver a few laughs.

4) Little Boy: Quite a few drama flicks are releasing in this month, including Little Boy. This is the story of a young child who desperately wants his father, who is fighting in World War II, to return home, and is willing to do anything for that to happen. The War movies always have an edge to them, and manage to establish a strong emotional connect with the audience. Little Boy should be no different, aided by the performance of the young actor Jakob Salvati who is looking adorable in the movie’s promos. A few tears will definitely be wept while watching this one!

3) The Age of Adaline: None of us really wants to age, but what kind of a life it would be if we did not grow old? The Age of Adaline explores that idea as its lead character played by Blake Lively ceases to age after a freak road accident. The movie’s promos have been interesting, a mix of drama and romance along with something mystic. The movie also stars Harrison Ford, and has been directed by the relatively lesser known Lee Toland Krieger. The quality of the movie living upto the premise is the biggest challenge that will be tested soon.

2) Child 44: This crime drama has potential. Set in the Stalin-era Soviet Union, Child 44 tells the story of a disgraced member of the military police who is investigating a series of nasty child murders. The movie’s biggest selling point is its lead actor Tom Hardy who is looking terrific in the initial trailers of the film. The movie also stars Gary Oldman, Jason Clarke and Noomi Rapace, so no dearth of acting talent here. It has been directed by Daniel Espinosa whose last work was the thrilling fast-pace movie Safe House in 2012. Child 44 gets a tick-mark in a lot of checkboxes for now, but we have seen good projects crumble in the past when they hit the theatres, so let’s hope for a better fate here.

1) Furious 7: Vrooom! The seventh film of the Fast & Furious franchise could very well make up for the tepidness of April. The movie has so much of emotional value now, especially for the fans of the series, after the unfortunate demise of Paul Walker in late 2013. Then there is the excitement of seeing Jason Statham don the skin of the bad wolf, and fight the likes of Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. The fast cars and daredevil stunts promise to induce newer levels of excitement in us, judging by the trailers. Director James Wan has taken over from Justin Lin, and he would have done his best to embrace the successful points of the old and incorporate something new that would make his movie stand out from its predecessors. In simpler words, Furious 7 is looking like a must-watch. It is just round the corner, releasing in the first week of April. What a way to start the month!

You can watch the trailer of the movie right here.

April 2015_Furious 7PS: In some countries, Avengers: Age of Ultron will be releasing in April, while it will be a May release in the USA. So keep your eyes open!


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