‘Angry Birds’ happy at the top as other new releases are dull

Captain America: Civil War could not manage a three-peat at the top of the domestic box-office as the new releases brought in a fresh challenge to the Disney blockbuster. It was the mobile game turned movie, The Angry Birds Movie, which took the seat at the top with a $39 million opening in North America. That is a decent opening for a $73 million budget film, but nothing spectacular in the animation genre. The movie has been doing quite well internationally where it has been out for two weeks, bringing its worldwide box-office collections to $151 million. Now that sounds more respectable in comparison to the production budget. The movie should manage something over and above $100 million domestically alone, and could cross $200 million overseas which leads to a $300 million+ worldwide collection figure. That puts The Angry Birds Movie in the ‘certain hit’ category, and will possibly start the studio thinking about the sequel. The movie’s reviews have been mixed with a 43% score on Rottentomatoes but that will not be much of a dampener. Goes to show how a reasonable budget makes life easier, for in comparison Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur earned $331 million worldwide only to be deemed a massive flop for the studio.

Earnings_The Angry Birds Movie

The other two wide releases took in spots #3 and #4 in North America. Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising opened with $21.8 million domestically which has to be called disappointing when the previous film had opened with $49 million. Another $30 million earned overseas has led to a total tally of $51.8 million as against its production budget of $35 million. The movie should overall make more than $100 million globally which should bring profits to the studio, though nothing in comparison to 2014’s Neighbors. That one after all earned $271 million on a production budget of only $18 million! The final release was the R-rated detective flick The Nice Guys starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. The movie has earned terrific reviews (90% on Rottentomatoes), but was a bit lightweight at the box-office with a $11.3 million opening in North America. I would have thought the budget of this film to be on the lower side, but with $50 million spent on production, it isn’t as low as I had imagined it to be. Despite the stardom of its lead actors, I doubt they have the pull to turn this movie into a hit even with overseas earnings. Something around $150 million would be needed to break-even is what I estimate and The Nice Guys looks faraway from those numbers.

Earnings_Neighbors 2

Captain America: Civil War achieved the milestone of becoming the first movie of 2016 to cross $1 billion worldwide, which includes close to $350 million earned in North America. It has been quite a performance by this Marvel / Disney movie, laying some incredible goodwill for the upcoming Doctor Strange. In their second weekend, both Money Monster and The Darkness dropped by 52%. The Jodie Foster directed Money Monster has earned $36 million worldwide so far, which includes a big chunk from North America, but I am eager to see if George Clooney’s global acclaim can soon improve the movie’s overseas earnings. As of now, the movie creating a strong buzz internationally is X-Men: Apocalypse which has earned $103 million in some foreign territories already. The domestic opening awaits over the coming weekend where it will clash with Disney’s Alice through the Looking Glass. I am looking forward to that competition!

Here are the top 5 weekend earners at the US box-office (estimates):

1. The Angry Birds Movie ($39.0 million)

2. Captain America: Civil War ($33.1 million; third weekend)

3. Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising ($21.8 million)

4. The Nice Guys ($11.3 million)

5. The Jungle Book ($11.1 million; sixth weekend)



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