An Iron Man 3 gag reel is all we got

There’s not much excitement in the news section in Hollywood today, unless of course you consider the announcement that Thor: The Dark World would be digitally re-mastered to be released in the IMAX 3D format as anything worth jumping about. As if the IMAX 3D version wasn’t going to happen! In the theatres, the much awaited Kick-Ass 2 is getting weak reviews from the critics and so is Jobs after its wide release. So on a rather dull day, we came across a much more interesting and engaging gag reel video, which is from the movie Iron Man 3. This video has been released with the Blu-Ray version and can be viewed on Youtube as well. A brief 36 second video, it shows that Robert Downey Jr. apart from being a charismatic Tony Stark is a lot of fun on the sets too! This one has him doing funny stuff and laughing out aloud during takes, and hopefully director Shane Black saw the funny side too. Before you watch the video, which is right at the bottom of this post, here are a few not so compelling but still worth knowing news bytes.

— Busy busy Vin Diesel is set to feature in a post-apocalyptic movie Soldiers of the Sun which is a tale of a group of soldiers who battle an alien race while searching for a legendary city of gold in Mexico. Time to flex those muscles again!

— Lionsgate has secured feature film rights to Kate Atkinson’s best-selling novel, Life After Life. The story follows a female protagonist who has the extraordinary ability to start her life from scratch (I always wanted to do that!).

— Great news for fans of Christian Bale, as the Batman is now gearing up to play the role of another inspiring personality, Moses in Ridley Scott’s Exodus. Joel Edgerton is likely to join him as the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses. This would be the second Biblical story in 2014 after Noah starring Russell Crowe.

300: Rise of an Empire releases a new international trailer (can view it here) which looks stylish, but nothing new if you have seen the first movie.

— And Bruce Willis says that ‘explosions are most boring part of my job’. We are not going to even comment on that!

Back to the gag reel now. We always love the lighter moments, don’t we!?


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