An Interview with Gru

With the story of Gru, his girls, Margo, Edith and Agnes, the minions and more minions set to continue in Despicable Me 2, we were really lucky to get hold of Gru, who is quite the busy one nowadays, and catch up on how things are shaping up. Here is how the brief but eventful interview went!

Gru Interview_Gru

Me: Thanks Gru, for your time!

Gru: Hey, no problem! I was about to pour myself a glass of milk. Want some?

Me: Milk? Errr… no!

Gru: That is how I manage the get the girls to drink it. Practice what you preach. Right?

Me: I guess so.

I watch Gru pour the milk from the carton which spills all over the table from the innumerable small holes on the other side of the carton.

Gru: AGNES!!

Gru Interview_Agnes & Kyle

Agnes runs in with her pet dog, Kyle, right behind.

Agnes: It wasn’t me! It was Kyle!

Kyle: Arf, arf!

Kyle blares his teeth on seeing me. I sink a feet deeper in my seat. Agnes scampers across the room and thankfully Kyle follows gladly.

Gru: Agnes, wait wait! (sighs) She’s growing up.

Me: Children always grow up fast, don’t they?

Gru: Tell me about it! Only sometime back she was so little. So annoying. She and her sisters. And now I cannot imagine a day without them.

Me: That’s sentimental. So what have you been upto ever since the moon was put back in its place?

Gru: Oh, well. That was the true crime of the century, wasn’t it? (allows a smile to pass across his face)

Me (stares): I hope you have given up those ways!

Gru (hastily): Oh yes yes! I am producing bottled jellies now. That is fun. Or was, until she came along.

Me (jumps up): Who she?

Gru: She. The one…

Gru Interview_Minion siren

A loud siren starts wailing, tearing through my ear buds. One minion with sirens on his head enters the room along with another with a pad. What then follows is a tirade of angry voices that sound something like @##$^@@#44!!

Gru: Oh! I forgot. I am not supposed to talk about it.

Me: Why?

Gru: They made a movie on it. You are supposed to watch it.

Me: Can’t you give a hint on what is to be shown?

Gru: No

Me: Is Vector still on the moon?

Gru: I don’t know.

Me: What happened to the shrink gun?

Gru: You ask a lot.

Me: Do you still read out bedtime stories to the girls? Aren’t they old enough to do without them?

The minion with the pad steps in closer and pokes my leg with his pencil. 

Me: Ouch, that hurts!

The minion pokes again.

Me: Ouch, what does he want?

Gru: For you to watch the movie.

Kyle from nowhere comes charging in… towards me!

Agnes: Fluffiieee doggieee, get him!

Me (up on my legs now): This is crazy!

Gru: It is not (smiles). I live with this the whole day. My extended family!

Now the minion with the siren brings out an axe. That’s my cue to leave.

Me (quickly): Nice talk, Mr. Gru. Maybe we will see more of your stories soon.

Gru: Eh, I want a peaceful life! They are making something on this bunch next. (points at the minions)

The minions suddenly stand in attention and beam proudly.

Me: Oh well, I wonder how that would be!

Kyle is almost onto me. The minion has his axe in position. I make a run for it.

I guess I could not get as much time with Gru as I would have liked. Fortunately for us, Gru gave another interview, this time to Ellen DeGeneres, which, let me tell you, went off a lot better. So you may just watch that (snippets below)… and of course not miss Despicable Me 2.


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