A vintage Carrie Fisher interview

I was running through the web, reading about the latest Hollywood news, and that is when I bumped into this old Carrie Fisher interview of 1980 on Good Morning America. This one was done just before the release of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, and so Carrie Fisher was already well-known and loved as Princess Leia from the 1977 classic. But when we see such legendary characters on screen, we tend to see the actor too in a similar way, as if they both are the same. Watch, listen or read an interview such as this one, and suddenly the reality of things strike you. That there is another personality which thrives, similar and different to the one we saw on the big screen.

Carrie Fisher comes across as someone charming and confident of herself, not much unlike Princess Leia. But at the same time she is much more pleasant in the interview, free of the arrogance of Leia. Oh, and she is definitely witty; a lot of her jokes in the interview would have been met by rapturous laughter from the studio audience present in such talk shows of today. The poor thing does look a bit tired though, but that does not stop her from being funny as well as a bit philosophical. We’ll be seeing Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia again in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII of course, and till then let’s relive the past a bit through this interview video. This one is for the Star Wars fans really!


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