A lot of Full House to look forward to

You do remember them, don’t you?

Full House_Original TV Series

The American sitcom Full House ran successfully for eight seasons from 1987 to 1995, and turned many of its actors into stars. Definitely true for John Stamos and the Olsen twins. The TV sitcom was the story of a widowed father (Danny) who enlists his best friend (Joey) and his brother-in-law (Jesse) to help raise his three daughters (D.J., Stephanie & Michelle). More characters became regulars on the show as its popularity and reach widened, before it eventually took its final bow after 192 episodes. But twenty years later, Full House is very much in the news again.

First of all, the show is getting an unofficial movie version. The cable network ‘Lifetime’ is going to premiere The Unauthorized Full House Story on 22nd August of this year, which is supposed to showcase a behind-the-scenes account of the hit TV sitcom. Brian K. Roberts is going to direct the movie; he has a lot of experience of directing TV shows as well as TV movies. Ron McGee, who was the writer for Lifetime’s previous project, is going to pen the story behind this movie as well. The big task of course would have been the casting. Well, the film-makers have not done a bad job, eh! Have a look for yourself.

Full House_The Unauthorised Full House Story pic1

And here’s another!

Full House_The Unauthorised Full House Story pic2

The network has selected some fairly similar looking actors to the original cast. The movie cast includes Blaise Todd (as Michelle Tanner/the Olsen twins), Shelby Armstrong (as D.J. Tanner/Candace Cameron), Justin Mader (as Joey Gladstone/Dave Coulier), Garrett Brawith (as Danny Tanner/Bob Saget), Justin Gaston (as Jesse Katsopolis/John Stamos) and Dakota Guppy (as Stephanie Tanner/Jodie Sweetin). How will the movie fare in the eyes of the fans of Full House? Tough to say as of now, though they would be quite excited about the potential that the movie holds. Let’s hope it does not appear like a quickly pieced together film, just to benefit from the reboot of the TV series.

Reboot, eh!? You must have heard about it already. The original TV series with the original cast (and not an ‘unofficial’ version) is coming back to the telly with Fuller House. Netflix has given the order for a 13-episode series, which will initially start off with a hourlong episode acting as a reunion of the old gang, before it moves into a spin-off. The series will focus on a grownup DJ Tanner, now a pregnant widow with two children, who moves in with sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy to help raise her children. Eh, haven’t we seen something similar? Oh yeah, that was more or less the premise of the original Full House though now with the genders reversed. Every big player from Full House is returning to Fuller House, apart from the Olsen twins; so the return for Michelle in this series is now quite unlikely. Nevertheless, Lori Laughlin will reprise her role as Aunt Becky, Andrea Barber will be Kimmy again, apart from the Tanners, Jesse and Joey, whom we all very well know of. The show is likely to be available for viewing in 2016. Exciting times for Full House fans!

So we aren’t going to see only Hollywood movies get remade or rebooted, but sitcoms too. And this time, we get a bigger package – an unofficial movie and an official TV series. Can’t say that I am complaining!


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