5 things we learn from Jurassic World trailer

No Steven Spielberg in the director’s chair. But that may be the only bummer in the otherwise eagerly awaited Jurassic World movie releasing in 2015. For many of us, 1993’s Jurassic Park is the reason we got any interest whatsoever in dinosaurs. And more than two decades later, the Colin Trevorrow directed Jurassic World may do the same thing for a whole new generation of youngsters. The trailer for the movie has just been released, and it is as intense and gripping as we would want the movie to be. Here’s a look.

Here are the five things that I learnt after watching the first full-fledged trailer of the upcoming movie.

1. The gigantic doors of Jurassic Park can still make us nostalgic. The tagline “The Park is Open” is simplistic and yet filled with anticipation that can bring about a childlike enthusiasm.

2. The Park itself seems much bigger and grander than the original one. Colin Trevorrow looks to have done enough to show the 22 year gap between the two films by using the advancements in CGI to his advantage. This one is going to be a visual spectacle!

3. Hollywood has been messing around with mutations on animals for long, and they hardly ever get it right. This one might be the most lethal mutation attempted – a genetically modified dinosaur – which is now on the loose. It is a cliched theme somewhat, though could be a different one for the franchise if it focuses on hunting the wild beast rather than surviving the island as had been the case before.

4. Chris Pratt can be interesting to watch even with a serious face, a serious tone, and a serious moustache. Ok, kidding about the moustache! Having developed a great physique for Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt seems equipped enough to take on the roaring beasts of Jurassic World.

5. The raptors may be on our side finally! At least we are all running in the same direction now, as the final scene in the trailer showcases. These carnivorous animals have been a big menace for humans in the past films, but may now have something bigger on their minds, such as not being the next prey for a new scary dinosaur.

Jurassic World is scheduled to release in the USA on June 12, 2015.


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