5 things to love about the new Spectre trailer

The latest James Bond flick, Spectre, is picking up momentum now in terms of publicity and buzz. In a year where every month holds a highly anticipated movie in the pipeline, Spectre is definitely in the top rung. It brings back Daniel Craig to play James Bond for the fourth and rumoured last time, and who would want to miss that! The new trailer is an elongated one which probably gives a good idea of the tone and intensity of the movie. Enjoy the trailer here!

There are a lot many things that gel perfectly in the trailer to make it a pretty thrilling and exciting watch. These are the five things from the trailer which I absolutely loved.

#5 The new M

Spectre trailer_M

At the end of the previous movie, we had seen the transition in the role of M, as Judi Dench was replaced by Ralph Fiennes. This new M had not been seen as a particular fan of the ageing Bond in Skyfall, but that was before he rose to the seat of M. So it would be interesting to see how the equation moves forward; the opening sequence of the trailer has M chastising Bond for being in an unauthorised place, trying to assert his authority, which would indeed make for interesting clashes between the two, I bet!

#4 Aston Martin DB10

Spectre trailer_Aston Martin

We catch some glimpses of Bond’s latest car which is an Aston Martn DB10, as it is unveiled quite triumphantly by Q. The car does seem to have a special place in the movie, and has been much talked about ever since its presence in the movie was announced some months back. It would of course be fast, and would have to be good on the turns as well, knowing very well that Bond would be in a chase sometime or the other, either as the one chasing or the one being chased!

#3 Léa Seydoux 

Spectre trailer_Lea Seydoux

There has been much talk about Monica Belluci being cast in the movie, but from the trailer it looks like the young French actress Léa Seydoux has a chunky role in the film. And she looks to be playing the part well enough too. Seydoux has been part of Hollywood films in the past, but nothing more than bit-part roles. She rose to prominence with a strong portrayal in the critically acclaimed French film Blue is the Warmest Color that would have played a big part in bagging a role in a Bond film.

#2 Christoph Waltz

Spectre trailer_Christoph Waltz

We all love this guy, don’t we? He’s such a fantastic actor, after all! His presence in Spectre is bound to light up the screen. In the trailer too, he has been kept towards the end, a bit in the shadows, a person of importance who still hasn’t been figured out by us, and not even by Bond. “It was me, James. The author of all your pain,” Waltz says in such a chilling fashion that it has me worried for Bond. Has Bond met his match this time? Phew, time to find out!

#1 Daniel Craig

Spectre trailer_Bond

He’s the reason I started watching James Bond movies, and as I am sure, many others would have too. Casino Royale was a fantastic film, even keeping the Bond franchise aside, and Daniel Craig was suddenly this new rugged Bond breaking the mould and style of the character that had been built over decades. In his fourth movie now, Daniel Craig looks supremely confident of the guy who he is playing. His older age is being acknowledged with a joke here and there, but his fast-pace life has not slowed down a bit. Craig holds your gaze, such is his command on the big screen. In this trailer, he is looking a perfect continuation of the Bond we saw in Skyfall, someone who has grown a lot since Casino Royale as an agent and a personality too. If this indeed were to be his last Bond film, then it’s going to be some tough job for the studio to find a replacement. But until then, Daniel Craig is our James Bond. Amen.

Spectre is scheduled to release in the USA on November 6, 2015.


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