5 reasons why upcoming Steve Jobs biopic would be mind-blowing

It is easy to see why the life of Steve Jobs, the mercurial founder of Apple Inc, holds so much potential to be adapted into a large scale movie project. In fact, filming one movie may not even do it justice, and there could easily be a whole franchise mushrooming from the pages of his life. We have had one attempt, the rather mediocre Jobs from last year, but that isn’t enough. The one which we should be really looking forward to is the upcoming biopic from Sony Pictures. Here are five reasons why this one should be nothing short of breath-taking!

Reason #1: Christian Bale

Steve Jobs biopic_Christian Bale

If Steve Jobs himself could have handpicked an actor to play him in a movie, I wonder if he would have looked beyond Christian Bale. Look at the intensity in those eyes, there is so much that is said by them alone! Bale is not knew to the idea of playing a character who has lived and breathed in our real world, having been the boxer Dicky Eklund, the con-man Irving Rosenfeld, the FBI chief Melvin Purvis, each time draping on a different coat which takes him further and further away from Gotham’s Batman. Bale is definitely the best in the business at the moment and the announcement of his casting is already creating a lot of buzz around the movie. I cannot agree more with writer Aaron Sorkin’s comment on him for the role of Steve Jobs, “He is gonna crush it.”

[UPDATE: Christian Bale has opted out of the movie and the role has been taken over by Michael Fassbender, which ain’t a bad replacement at all.]

Reason #2: Danny Boyle

Steve Jobs biopic_Danny Boyle

Just calling him an Oscar winning director won’t be enough. Danny Boyle can build award winning movies, but beyond that, he also carves out entertaining ones. And if you have any doubts on how entertaining he can be, one only has to look up the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics (he made the Queen jump off a helicopter! No, he didn’t. Yes, he did). And those are the kind of “fun” elements that a Steve Jobs movie deserve to have. Boyle of course is a master in evoking strong emotional moments of triumph in his movies, as his relatively recent works 127 Hours and Slumdog Millionaire would showcase, and that is again what a Steve Jobs biopic calls for.

Reason #3: Aaron Sorkin

Steve Jobs biopic_Aaron Sorkin

We usually take solace in the names of the actors and directors who are leading the movie, but the first name we should be really checking is the scriptwriter, because it all begins from there. And Aaron Sorkin is as reliable a name as they come among the Hollywood scriptwriters. Watch a few episodes of the TV series The West Wing, in which Sorkin was involved as a writer and executive producer, and you will know the quality of work that I am talking about. There is also his body of work in movies to consider, limited even though it is, but each one stands out for its screenplay, be it A Few Good Men or Charlie Wilson’s War or Moneyball or The Social Network. Expect the screenplay of the Steve Jobs biopic to carve out a terrific tale of this global icon, but do not expect it to simply bask in his glory as the previous Jobs film suffered from. If The Social Network is anything to go by, Aaron Sorkin may just leave it to us to figure out the man that Steve Jobs was.

Reason #4: Walter Issacson’s Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs biopic_Walter Issacson's Steve Jobs

The movie is being adapted by the biography titled Steve Jobs penned by Walter Issacson, which was published shortly after Jobs’ demise. Issacson is no ordinary writer, and if you have read Steve Jobs, you would agree with me wholeheartedly. The book narrates the entire life journey of Jobs, from the story behind his biological parents to his eventual fight with cancer. Walter Isaacson, the once Managing Director of Time, highlights the achievements of Jobs in intimate detail, but along with it he brings forth the obsession of Jobs that at times bordered on the realms of insanity and craziness which made him so difficult to work with. It is an extraordinary life to know about, and an excellent book to read (current rating of 4.11 out of 5 on Goodreads). Sorkin’s great challenge lies in choosing which sections to keep and which to omit from Issacson’s work, for with each chapter the story just gets better.

Reason #5: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs biopic_Steve Jobs

I mention this as the last point, but it should have been the first. No matter who writes it, who directs it, or who acts in it, the reason we would get pulled to a Steve Jobs biopic is Steve Jobs himself. Love him or hate him or be indifferent towards him, Steve Jobs’ immense contribution to the world of electronics is irrefutable. He made things cool, he made his Apple products stand out, he marketed them in his own unique way. He turned into an icon, someone who stood head and shoulders above many of his generation, but had still many sections of his life that you could relate with. Steve Jobs lived a life of many ups and downs, a life full of craziness and daredevilry, a life that challenged norms and traditions in its own way, a life that has enough chapters to inspire. 2013’s Jobs tried to capture much of it, but while Ashton Kutcher did put his best foot forward to play the titular character, the inexperience of the writer and the director let the project down. With the new upcoming movie, it is the best who seem to be at work. The way Steve Jobs would have wanted it. Now it is time to give him a movie that he deserves!


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