5 much awaited films at Cannes 2015

None of the film festivals call for more attention than the one at Cannes in Southern France. This year is no different. The 68th annual Cannes Film Festival will be held from 13th to 24th May, and the jury will be chaired by Hollywood stalwarts Joel and Ethan Coen. Films from across the globe will be on display on this special occasion, some of them competing for the prestigious “Palme d’Or”, many of them seeking tie-up with distributors to widen their reach. Many of us though would have our eyes glued to what Hollywood has to offer, and these five movies surely seem worthy of our attention.

#1 Carol 

Cannes 2015_Carol

The British-American romantic drama film Carol is director Todd Haynes’ first movie since 2007, his last one being the Bob Dylan biopic (of sorts) I’m Not There. The return of Haynes to the big screen in itself is eye-catching. Add to that the presence of the awesome Cate Blanchett in a lesbian tale, and things get all the more interesting. Carol is a story set in New York of the 1950s of a department-store clerk (played by Rooney Mara) who falls for an older, married woman. The movie also has Kyle Chandler playing Blanchett’s husband.

#2 The Sea of Trees

Cannes 2015_The Sea of Trees

The Sea of Trees has an amazing director – actor combination. Gus Van Sant & Matthew McConaughey. It is fantastic to see McConaughey not leaving aside his relationship with indie flicks, despite working on something as big as Interstellar so recently. Indie flicks have been responsible for taking his career to another level, which is a fact not lost on him. In The Sea of Trees, McConaughey plays an American who travels to the “Suicide Forest” at the base of Mt Fuji in Japan to kill himself, where he encounters the equally suicidal Ken Watanabe. The movie also stars Naomi Watts.

#3 Inside Out

Cannes 2015_Inside Out

Pixar’s latest film is not in competition at Cannes, but marks its world premiere at this festival. Inside Out, directed by Pete Docter and Ronaldo Del Carmen, narrates the story of five emotions – Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear and Sadness – inside the brain of a young girl who try to lead her through her life by competing with each other. A Pixar original is always something special, and the initial promos make Inside Out look like a winner.

#4 Irrational Man

Cannes 2015_Irrational Man

A Woody Allen movie always has an unparalleled charm. He manages to lay bare the human emotions and turbulence with such ease that it gives me the goosebumps. Irrational Man is the story of a philosophy professor who is facing an existential crisis until he enters into a relationship with one of his students. The movie is loaded with star power as Joaquin Phoenix plays the professor, and Emma Stone is the student. Woody Allen’s flick is however not in the running for the “Palme d’Or”.

#5 Macbeth

Cannes 2015_Macbeth

Alright, this ain’t an American film, but a British one. But as it is an English language flick, I guess it qualifies enough to be in this list. Then of course we have Michael Fassbender in the lead role of Macbeth, and everything else becomes secondary. Marion Cotillard as Lady Macbeth is another fantastic casting choice, which adds to the reasons to watch Macbeth. This Shakespearean tale has been directed by the Australian director Justin Kurzel who is currently working on the movie Assassin’s Creed with Fassbender and Cotillard once more.


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