10 more behind-the-scenes photos

A little while back, we shared with you 10 memorable behind-the-scenes photos – actors breaking out of character on set, relaxing, laughing, goofing around, or just taking a snack that made it look adorable. Now we have 10 more such moments to share with you. Have fun!

The Shining

Behind the scenes photos_The Shining

Director Stanley Kubrick was busy clicking a ‘selfie’ of those times along with his daughter. Jack Nicholson probably thought he was the object being clicked.


Behind the scenes photos_Ben-Hur

Alright, Ben-Hur may be a classic and all that, but I am pretty sure they were supposed to get horse-driven chariots rather than two-wheelers.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Behind the scenes photos_Indiana Jones

You have to give it to Harrison Ford. He had that look, that swag, that charm about him, even when the cameras weren’t rolling.

Back To The Future

Behind the scenes photos_Back to the Future

This classic film was supposed to be about time travel; no one told me there was a shrinking machine involved as well!

Kill Bill

Behind the scenes photos_Kill Bill

One of the best fight scenes of Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill movie was between Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu. But look what the two were upto behind Tarantino’s back!

Jurassic Park III

Behind the scenes photos_Jurassic Park III

I knew the dinosaurs weren’t real (sigh!), but not all of them were CGI. Here’s an effects artist on the sets wearing a raptor suit. Doesn’t it make you wish for one?

The Dark Knight Rises

Behind the scenes photos_The Dark Knight Rises

Hey, we missed this scene, didn’t we? For a brief moment there, Batman and Bane were prepared to laugh at their differences and let Gotham remain unharmed. But alas, it did not succeed.

Pulp Fiction

Behind the scenes photos_Pulp Fiction

Two of the coolest dudes of that era take a break between shooting of the classic Pulp Fiction.

Leon: The Professional

Behind the scenes photos_Leon The Professional

A bit too early to be using the gun, Natalie! Jean Reno stands by unworried.

Planet of the Apes

Behind the scenes photos_Planet of the Apes

Apes were bound to take over our planet someday. And making movies wouldn’t stop even then!


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